Nautilus seria Nitro Plus - price for piece

  • Nautilus seria Nitro Plus - price for piece

Approximate price

Renewed 1163 € net
As Is 800 € net

Product description

The Nautilus Nitro® Plus line offers the same functionality and technology as Nautilus Nitro® machines. But the upgraded appearance and special enhancements will definitely attract attention.

W ofercie:
Biceps Curl
Compound Row
Gravitron Chin / Dip (droższa)
Incline Press
Lat Pulldown
Lateral Raise
Mid Row
Overhead Press
Pec Fly
Preacher Curl
Rear Delt / Pec Fly
Seated Dip
Super Pullover
Triceps Extension
Ventral Triceps Extension
Vertical Chest

Frame colour : silver
Upholstery: colour from swatch
Raise your club prestige by well known manufacturers.
Used equipment - fully refurbished by FUNFIT.
Ask us for availability of this model.

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